Serge Kostylev

books teach machines

Two new scientific papers outlining different approaches to artificial intelligence (AI) have both concluded that reading books is the best way to learn human behavior.

… if things go on like this, the novel you read today may be powering your toaster – or deciding your court case – tomorrow.

Via: Teleread

… we hypothesize that an artificial intelligence that can read and understand stories can learn the values tacitly held by the culture from which the stories originate.

Source: Mark Riedl

… we instead demonstrate it is possible to mine a broad knowledge base of human behavior by analyzing more than one billion words of modern fiction. Our resulting knowledge base, Augur, trains vector models that can predict many thousands of user activities from surrounding objects in modern contexts: for example, whether a user may be eating food, meeting with a friend, or taking a selfie. Augur uses these predictions to identify actions that people commonly take on objects in the world and estimate a user’s future activities given their current situation.